The Professional Story

Over 12 years in IT doing various jobs all the way from Helpdesk to IT Systems Administrator over a VMware Infrastructure. I have worked for small Mom & Pop shops all the way up to the big fruit company. Over the years I have developed an awesome set of skills and a great collection of random knowledge but the thing I took away from every job/Client site that I have been at is the ability to step back and do logical problem solving. My real title for anything professional should be “Professional Problem Solver”. It is my greatest strength but if you ask my wife it’s my greatest weakness.


My lab ranks up there almost as a family because it’s where I spend a majority of my time to learn new concepts and technologies in my industry. It is what’s helping me pursue my VCP6-DCV and more certifications. Maybe one day I will get them all… Im looking at you @vcdx133 (

My Other Hobbies

Feel free to ask me about any of them… It could honestly be easier to list what I don’t tinker with.