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Instead of deleting this post I thought what a good resource to post some nonsense and start my blog. Here I want to talk about some of my ambitions for 2018. I have always been intrigued with technology and felt out of place when I’m not doing something with it. I have learned a great deal from just experimenting in my own lab and decided I needed a place to write this knowledge down not only to share but to keep a running record of things I have tried in my own lab. So bear with me on this journey and we will certainly learn and hopefully understand together. 


A little about me to kick this off. Always found this part challenging because I would rather sell me myself in person and spend all day talking IT and about stories in the industry. Ask my wife what I talk about all the time and she would say I talk shop all day every day. She has learned to accept that fact and honestly she doesn’t get half of what I talk about but she still sits in and listens and assures me she is listening even if I see her eyes glaze over. She is my rock and proof that geeks can function in a normal manner when out in public ( supervised that is )

Am I qualified?

My experience tends to speak for itself but I will list my qualifications in the industry thus far which may be not as much as you would think at 24 years old currently. I started to get into computers at a very young age from loving my Tandy and playing math blaster on it. This is where I began to get interested in computers and ultimately led me into the profession that I am in today. Around the age of 10 ( I think ) my parents got tired of me breaking their Gateway computer with different downloads and wanting to change settings on their computer that they got me my own Gateway computer for Christmas. I used this computer for 6 years from modding it case to adding new hardware. I actually still have this hardware sitting in the basement in another modded case ( not in use ) kind of a memento to where it really all started. 


After being self-taught for a long time I decided to learn more in high school from hosting my own server ( homemade Runescape ) to teaching the teacher how to use their own systems. This taught me a lot of coding and the meaning of uptime in the industry of computers and when the internet was still in a state of flux for the time. After high school, I began attending the University of Northwestern Ohio for Information Security and Infrastructure defense. I learned so much not necessarily for the classwork itself but it inspiring the see for me to start my own environments and to discover how things work. This embarked me on starting the cyber defense team back up at the University and started a project to set up a virtual environment on hardware for our team to practice upon. This brought a whole new level of networking and complexity to a red-blue environment where students would battle it out. 


My college career drew to an end and I started working for Apple Inc for 2 years as a senior technical advisor for consumer support and transitioned into an Apple Enterprise support engineer that I would handle a multitude of cases and clients. I primarily dealt with MDM ( Mobile Device Management ) servers and Mac servers that ran for school corporations. During this time I built my homelab that I will go into detail in another post at another time. This is where the real magic and experience level skyrocketed is when I was able to purchase and practice in my own lab. 

Where am I now?

I currently work for an MSP located in Fort Wayne, Indiana supporting IT departments mainly. I provide engineering and advanced troubleshooting for large-scale problems. During my off time, I am a father of 1 boy and VMUG Leader to the Fort Wayne VMUG. This lives little free time as my son is 8 months old at the time of writing this and anyone who has kids knows this doesn’t leave a lot of free time. Please bear with me as I begin my journey down the blogging rabbit hole. 

About the Author

Justin Brant

VMware Certified VSP, VTSP - CompTia Network+, A+ - Apple Certified Macintosh Technician