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Justin Brant

Typical Geek, Virtualization Enthusiast, Fort Wayne VMUG Leader, and #vExpert

First Time Presenting

Why? Our VMUG did not have a presenter lined up, so I figured it was time to pay my “dues” so to speak. I came up with the idea of covering #BackToTheBasics inside of VMWare pertaining to performance, Which included vNuma, ESXTOP, and snapshots. Which I have found have been heavy-hitting performance issues in my environments. This seemed like a great time to brush up on my first presentation since high school that wasn't me blabbering and rambling through 5-10 mins of how-tos for a group of people.

Who Am I?

The Professional Story Over 12 years in IT doing various jobs all the way from Helpdesk to IT Systems Administrator over a VMware Infrastructure. I have worked for small Mom & Pop shops all the way up to the big fruit company. Over the years I have developed an awesome set of skills and a great collection of random knowledge but the thing I took away from every job/Client site that I have been at is the ability to step back and do logical problem solving.